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Double Glazing

Our area of particular expertise is in swapping the glass in your windows for double glazed units.

Often companies claim that windows are too big or too thin to swap the glass and try to convince people to replace the whole window. 

We are yet to have found a window we cannot double glaze- We can install into windows with multiple glazing bars(muntins), and curved and angled windows.

We also can install a double-glazed unit discretely behind a stain glass window. This doesn't affect the look from the outside at all and is barely detectable from the inside.

Our process for installing the double-glazed units has been approved by Historic England in listed properties so even in a period property you can benefit from the benefits of double glazing.

The units we install are 14mm thick argon filled with top quality spacers. This is the best combination for the most effective insulation. We install toughened units where appropriate as per building regulations.


Benefits of double glazing your windows


This will greatly reduce the condensation on your windows. On single glazed windows, the condensation can collect at the bottom and damage the timber


Once the new units are installed you will instantly notice how much quieter your house is!



With much better U ratings than single glazing, you won't have to use as much energy keeping your house warm. This will immediately reduce your bills.

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