The timber in period windows is top quality slow grown softwood. We remove the paint then replace any damaged sections with timber and resin.


Replacing your windows is unecological and unnecessary. Whereas renovating them is not only ecological but will also retain the original appearance and cost less than replacement.

With our renovation method we go back to the bare timber, fill all joints with flexible resin which will stretch and never crack so the water cannot get in.


We use top-end painting techniques and paint which has a 15 yr life span.

You won’t have to think about repainting your windows for 15 years - this even challenges the lifespan of UPVC windows which will eventually crack and fade.


We have a tried and tested technique for replacing the glass in your windows with double glazed units

Our work is guaranteed for 10 years


No need for scaffolding, we bring the windows in and can access the frames from the inside




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