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We have developed our renovation technique to make permanent repairs to woodwork that flex with the natural expansion and contraction of the timber.

Initially, all the paint is removed from the flat surfaces so any rot to the timber is clearly visible.

If there are any rotten areas, the timber is removed back to where it is dry and sound. We use a combination of spliced in hardwood and resin to replace the damaged section. No nails or screws are used as these could potentially rust in the future and compromise the repair.

Where the frame meets the masonry we will seal any gaps to give a neat, watertight finish


We provide a professional, long-lasting painting service. The paint we use is water-based so it drys quickly with very little odour. The modern water-based paints are more durable and long-lasting than oil paints as they remain flexible so won't crack over time. The paint we use has a guaranteed 15-year lifespan, and as we paint from bare timber then we can be sure it will last that long.

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